software package for its proven BBA300 RF amplifiers

software package for its proven BBA300 RF amplifiers

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadband amplifier technologies, has introduced a new software package for its proven BBA300 RF amplifiers, designed for various test environments. The new software and intuitive operation allows users to accurately set the operating parameters of the amplifier and manage test sequences.

The BBA300 provides stable, robust and precise test signals, across a continuous frequency range from 380 MHz to 6 GHz at up to 300 W output power. It supports amplitude, frequency, phase, pulse and complex OFDM modulation, making it ideal for laboratory and validation test environments, where precisely reproduced test signals are required.

The new BBA300-PK1 software option provides ready access to the extensive parameter sets offered by the amplifier. Through the use of user profiles and a simple web interface, operators have access to the functionality they need, while being sure the operations remain safe.

The new BBA300-PK1 software option introduces two powerful tools: the ability to shift the operating point between Class A and Class AB; and the ability to choose between maximum RF output power and higher tolerance to mismatch at RF output. With these tools, users can optimize test signals and react flexibly to a wide variety of requirements.

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